If you feel like it is time to quit your job


Is Monday just another day of the week or does Sunday afternoon feel dreadful as Monday morning draws closer? If you have already decided to quit your job, ideally, you will be seeking new opportunities or have a position lined up, however; this may not always be the case. Either way, quitting your job should not be taken lightly and several factors should be considered, especially if you do not have a future role secured.  
A few questions to ask yourself before making the decision to resign:
- What is it about my employment situation that is frustrating me? 
- Is my work environment unbearable and why? 
- Have I taken measures to make it work?
- What do I want for my career and life? 
- Can I financially afford to be out of work?
If you do not need to resign before lining up another role, then why quit? We are not denying that there are times when one must walk away due to mental and physical wellbeing or circumstances beyond their control. We ourselves have seen how stress can affect us and others; being in a position of burn out, or in a state of mind where you do not feel you would perform well in job interviews. Low confidence and self-esteem are strong motivators to act and take care of oneself. We wish to support you in your career search and give you an insight into the current market so you can be prepared and plan.  
In current times, there is an overall decline of new job opportunities, yet some sectors still have a high demand for skilled workers. The recruitment process, on average would normally take 3 to 4 months to find, secure and start, where now some roles have been taking closer to 6 months to recruit. Roles within companies are taking longer to be approved before advertising publicly. Scheduling interviews takes more organisation as employees continue to work from home and we see more delays than before when interviews where face to face in an office environment.

One should also consider the pros to landing a new job before moving on:
- Financial pressure.
- Employment gaps that need to be explained.
- A linear career path is more attractive to most employers.
Consideration should also be given to the impact to your personal life. Work takes a lot of our time, if you quit without a job, it is best to have a plan. Let yourself recharge, dedicate time for your job search as time may go faster than you imagine. A support system, a partner and family willing to support you will help you get through any hard times you may face. 
So, if you are thinking about leaving your job, consider your options and look at your prospects. No one can make the decision for you and it can be a tough one to make, but regardless of your circumstances, we are here to help.

The Optimus Team

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