Ghosted During a Job Search?


Did we ghost you? Did you ghost us? Did you get ghosted by someone else?  Either way when a job search can take 3 to 6 months, being ghosted can be disheartening. Sadly, in this digital age – ghosting has become more common and can happen to the candidate, employer, and recruiter. 
We have all applied for a job and never heard back, that happens but imagine building a relationship with a potential employer or recruiter, sharing career ambitions and personal circumstances. Building trust of commitment that they will help you find your next role or going for an interview and thinking it went well, expecting to hear good news. Then nothing…
2020 has not been an easy year, we have been faced with the challenges of working from home and now for most, back into the office adhering to new guidelines. On the recruitment front, there are fewer jobs advertised, roles placed on hold indefinity, and lengthy hiring timelines.  Still, there is no excuse for ghosting but there may be reasons behind it. The recruiter you spoke to may have moved on to another job, or feeling overwhelmed with circumstances, hence why you have not heard back. Either way, you as the candidate should be made the priority and ghosting is a failure of the process.
Ghosting can also go both ways, so to avoid the threat of ghosts, we ask candidates to show initiative when interested in a role and keep in contact providing updates should circumstances change.  We in return, at Optimus Recruitment, aim to build relationships, keep clear lines of communication, and learn more about you and what drives you to present the right opportunities.  

If you are ready for your next career move, why not get in contact and meet with one of our consultants. We hope to give you a positive candidate experience and keep the ghosting to dating.

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