Why resilience is key to successful job hunting


Resilience has been one of the buzz words among businesses for some time now. With political instability and a world that is evolving at an increasing pace it’s not so much what you can achieve that will afford you success, but what you can withstand. The ability to adapt, bounce back and survive is not only attractive to potential employers but is also a very important characteristic to remember when looking for that new dream role. 
Job hunting is a daunting task, no one likes rejection and the more it happens the more it can get us down and make us feel like maybe there isn’t a role out there for us. Resilience is about our capacity to recover from these setbacks and to see it as an opportunity rather than a failure. When setting out on the journey for a new job it’s important to learn from any failures and wherever possible to get feedback. 
There is an art to job hunting and absolutely no shame in getting the help of professional recruiters to secure your dream role. A good recruitment agent will endeavour to gather as much feedback as possible, offering constructive criticism that can help you work on your weak points and make positive changes ahead of future interviews. They can help you to see the bigger picture in any job search, of which disappointment often plays a large role. 
Remember that an unsuccessful interview can often turn into a future opportunity, especially on a small island like Jersey. Our clients frequently approach us with individuals in mind for new roles, having encountered them previously and having made a positive impression. You may not have been right for one role but could be suited perfectly to another within the organisation!  
Try not to take things too personally, but view the situation with an analytical mind thinking what might you have done differently? Sometimes rejection has nothing to do with your performance or ability to perform a job but is about a fit within a team and culture.  Resilience is about being flexible and adaptable and can encompass skills such as problem solving, self-care practices and the ability to collaborate effectively. Don’t give up and remember to stay positive, maintaining an optimistic outlook.
Optimus can help take the sting out of rejection and assist candidates in building up greater resilience. We take the time to carefully match our candidates with prospective job roles, looking not only at your skills and qualifications but whether you would be a good fit for the company and culture, significantly reducing the chance of rejection. Those of you who believe in fate may be happy to persevere until you find the right role, but for those that want to increase their chances of success, visit us at Optimus Recruitment for an informal, yet informed confidential discussion. 

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