It’s a New Year! But is it time to start a job search?


2020 is here and it’s time for a fresh start, or so they say. Putting the last year behind us and making new resolutions may include a new job but as the calendar rolls over, you may wish to ask yourself these three questions before you begin any job search. 
Am I ready to move on? 
If you are not genuinely committed you would be better off staying where you are, for now. There is no harm in speaking to an agency to determine what may be out there but if you decide to start applying for new opportunities, be serious about wanting to move on. Don’t use opportunities to negotiate a better package with your current employer as you run the risk of burning bridges with any future companies and your employer who may, or no may not counter an offer.  You’d be better to have an open discussion with your manager as to why you are concerned about compensation. The outcome of that discussion can then help you make an informed decision whether you should stay or start the search for something else. 
What are my non negotiables?
There has been an increase in using the word ‘wellbeing’ over this last year and this includes employee wellbeing in the workplace. Company culture is improving and to retain talent, employers can sometimes be prepared to negotiate and provide flexible benefits. It’s key for you to identify what’s important to you in order to meet your personal requirements. Is it flexible scheduling, or the opportunity to work from home 2 days a week? A minimum salary or a specific number of holiday days? Knowing these requirements will help you and an employer to work together on an offer that works for you both. 
Where do I start my search?
Once you have made the decision to consider finding a new job, you need to ensure that you find the right job. To assess your “marketability” meet with a well-informed recruiter that can advise you honestly as to both your worth and the market in terms of current opportunities. However, like finding the right job, choose the right agency. You want an agency and consultant who understands you and genuinely understands the role you are currently performing and how it needs to change for you to be fully engaged. They need to be aware of your non negotiables and what type of company culture you may wish to work for. A good recruiter will be approachable, a great communicator and listener and have the determination and patience to introduce you to the right role.  
When you are ready to start your search in this new year, the Optimus Team would be delighted to help you find your next position.  Click hear to learn more about Optimus and its recruiters.  

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