How jobs are evolving


The last few years have been ones of great change and development, not only for technology but also in the landscape of the job market. 
As we move into 2020 the employment market will see millennials who are tech savvy and more concerned with gaining experience over materialistic possessions. With this new generation, it’s become increasingly important for companies to find new ways to entice people into the right role, with many favouring those firms whose goals align with their own career ambitions. Ethical and environmental impacts can carry as much weight as a package and benefits and those firms that prioritise a work/life balance will often come out on top as employees become eager to feel valued and respected. 
Automation and technological advances will see many roles become obsolete in the next few years, but rather than replacing human functions this technology will actually create additional new roles. Human soft skills will become more valuable such as customer service, relationship building and roles that require creative input. Degree education is no longer the only route to jobs as employers will look at candidates’ achievements and online presence as well as academic qualifications. 
The job market will evolve as quickly as technology changes, with roles in business analysis, digital marketing, software and IT security set to grow in demand. Robotics and AI will also transform the marketplace and create new roles in these fields. Those that want to evolve with the changing times will invest in continued learning and development enabling them to hone their skills. 
Mentorship is on the increase within firms with managers no longer just being responsible for overseeing individuals, but for offering them guidance, support and looking after their wellbeing. It is about guiding talent towards their goals rather than just squeezing the most productivity out of them. Mentorship schemes will increase in popularity, offering employees the chance to interact across departments, with their peers and more senior staff members and in some cases across jurisdictions to gain a better understanding of the international environment. 
Forward thinking companies have realised that staff engagement is temporary and that to retain their talent they need to be offering an enjoyable experience for their employees. Working life is set to improve as company culture transforms as a whole, offering better benefits, wellbeing incentives and flexible working arrangements. 
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