Why should we hire you?


Why should we hire you? The question many interviewers will ask candidates at the end of an interview. It’s a simple question but responding correctly is of paramount importance as this is your chance to set yourself apart from others. In a recruitment process, displaying individuality and personality can be difficult as more firms move towards a culture of box-ticking exercises. Here’s a guide to how to make sure your personality shines through.
When drafting your C.V. use your personal statement or a covering letter to tell us your personal story. Avoid clichéd expressions in your C.V. such as ‘hard worker’ or ‘highly organised’ and think about how you can demonstrate these attributes. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to write ‘frequently goes beyond the remit of the job’ and have practical examples ready to back up your case when you hopefully meet with the client.
Remember that in many cases employers are not looking necessarily for skills on a piece of paper, but for the characteristics that will demonstrate that you are flexible, possibly a leader, able to apply yourself to a number of different roles and someone who will easily fit into any given team. These soft skills can often be the reason why you are hired over another candidate. 
The most important place to show your personality is at the interview. Be yourself, don’t put on a front or try to be what you think the company wants! Plan out what points you would like to get across or emphasis and find ways to work this into the conversation. An employer will be interested in what makes you tick, so don’t be afraid to discuss your interests, hobbies or future career plans. 
As the interview comes to a close, how should you answer this original question – why should we hire you? Ensure you have prepared a summary of the reasons why you want to work at the firm. This should include why you would be a great fit for their culture, what initially drew you to the firm and summarise the attributes that you have over others. It should also include something to make you stick in the interviewer’s head long after you’ve left. Maybe add some humour, wit or a fun fact about yourself that will bring the interview to life. 
At Optimus, we like to think of all our candidates as so much more than just another number and where ever possible we will be pushing to tell your personal story to potential employers. To get across your true passion, why not come and pay us a visit at our offices to tell us exactly why it is you should be hired or for some valuable tips on how you could improve your interview technique, allowing your personality to become your greatest asset. 

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