So you want to change career...


Deciding to change career can feel quite daunting, stepping outside of a comfort zone into unknown territory. That’s why we have compiled a short guide to make the decision that little bit easier. 
Do you need to change your career or job?
One of the easiest mistakes to make is to leave a long career due to one bad experience. Try not to make any knee-jerk reactions but to consider if maybe it is the role that needs to change or perhaps your employer? List what it is you would like to change and then see if there’s a different role on the same career path that could offer a dramatically different working environment. 
Decide what it is you would like to do?
Many people have a fixed idea of what it is they want to do, whether that is realising a hobby or taking that leap that has been at the back of your mind for some time. But many are simply keen for a change and will be looking at what transferrable skills they have that could cross over to a new career. Skills Jersey offer psychometric tests that will can easily identify where your passion and strengths lie, with Optimus happy to have an informal chat with people about their professional skills and current fiduciary roles which my suit you. 
Know the market well
It’s all well and good to decide that you now want to become a rocket scientist, but if that role does not exist in Jersey you will struggle to succeed! Find out what careers are available on Island and what skills are in great demand. Judge how much competition there will be for roles and what applicants are bringing to the table. It may be that you need to commit to a period of upskilling before making a career move to stand a better chance of landing your dream job. 
Don't look for jobs, look for people
Without relevant experience it can be difficult to make your application stand apart from others. At Optimus we are always focused on promoting candidates’ personalities and passions as well as their capabilities. We are able to offer introductions to companies where there may not be yet roles available, if we feel a future match may be possible.
Don’t be put off by the time it takes to make a change. Switching careers does not provide the same immediate results that you may see when looking for another similar role. From working within various industries and alongside our clients we have developed a good understanding of the ethos of most local companies to help individuals take their next step on the career path. Feel free to pop in for an informal chat with one of our consultants about whether change is right for you. 

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