Making a positive first impression in the digital age


Making a positive first impression to a potential employer is no-longer just about wearing the appropriate attire and displaying good manners. In today’s world your first impression has most likely been made before you even turn up to your interview. Not only will a company have formed an opinion from your CV, but they are likely to have viewed all social media pages prior to meeting you face to face. Whilst its common practice to vet your CV before applying for a job, it can be more tricky to get your social media in good working order. 
Like a credit score, it is better to have a good digital presence than none at-all. Employers will want to know that you have the ability to use these platforms in a responsible way in today’s digital age and to realise the far-reaching impact they can have. Do not over sanitise your social media accounts, employers are not searching for fault but rather to get a sense of who you are, what interests and drives you, however, be prepared for any public posts to be commented on by a prospective interviewer.
In corporate recruitment, commonly searched platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn will potentially be used to correlate the CV that has been presented by the agency you are working with as it presents a view of your employment history. 
Although primarily a ‘personal’ social media channel, Facebook may also be checked by employers, so be smart when choosing the conversations’ you engage in. Sharing cute animal videos, posting photos with family and commenting on friends’ content is harmless, just be mindful of the message your activity gives. Be sure to check your privacy settings on your page to limit what is available to public scrutiny, bearing in mind that viewers will still be able to see your profile pictures and anything you choose to share, repost or retweet. 
Optimus has increasingly seen social media used by recruiters to gather quick background information and consequently build a first impression of a candidate. If you’re unsure what you should be doing to review your social media accounts, come and have a chat with one of our recruitment consultants and we’ll help you get employer-ready!

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