Salary Survey Highlights Staff Priorities


Jersey employees are continuing to prioritise job security and good working conditions according to a survey conducted recently by Optimus Recruitment.

The Optimus survey gathered opinions from over 680 Islanders to better understand workers views on salaries and what is most important to them in the workplace. 
Across all industries the findings suggest that job security tops the list above pay rises and bonuses, but also indicated that workers in finance, banking and legal sectors are more likely to approach their line manager with any concerns over their salaries, compared to other professions who reported that they would confide in a friend first.      
66% of those surveyed from finance sectors confirmed that they fully understood the salary review process in their company, compared to only 58% of workers in other industries. These comparisons would suggest that financial organisations are continuing to promote a transparent and equal environment.
Natalie McMullen, Senior Consultant at Optimus Recruitment, said: “It is really encouraging that most employees now feel they are able to talk to their line managers regarding any concerns over their salaries – as this certainly wouldn’t have been the case maybe ten years ago. Many of our clients have made a huge effort to become more transparent and approachable to their staff, creating better working cultures and encouraging more loyalty.”
Natalie said: “We are encountering many candidates whose top priority through recruitment is to be placed in an organisation that has a good working atmosphere and where their voice will be heard. Above any financial benefits which may be offered when working in finance, employees want to know that their concerns will be addressed and that they can comfortably communicate with their employer.
“It is important for us to better understand the opinion of potential candidates as often the reality of working within finance can be very different from the public’s perception. Our lengthy experience and close working relationships with a variety of firms in these industries means we are well placed to gauge whether positions will fit well with individuals’ expectations.” 

BL Global
 - 1 April 2019

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